Evaluate the actual mileage of each vehicle

NIKA provides convenient tools to analyse quantitative characteristics related to vehicle utilization such as speed mileage, fuel consumption per each vehicle and also for the complete fleet. Mileage calculation based on satellite system is a very precise tool with calculation error of less than 3%. To achieve these levels of accuracy, it is however essential to install an external digital fuel sensor inside the fuel tanks to measure the fuel levels. However, a reasonable estimation of fuel level is also achieved using a tracker fitted with a fuel sensor which picks the fuel quantity from the fuel gauge interface. The accuracies however will depend on the accuracies of the installed fuel gauges of the vehicle.

Fuel Report can be generated only when fuel sensor is activated. Fuel Report shows fuel consumption and refueling of definite object for time period defined by user.

A tabulated view containing information about refueling provides date and time, fuel amount refilled, amount per bill (manually), location of the petrol pump station.